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The best and most exquisite products from the various Indian regions are served for you in the »House of India«. The quality and freshness of the products, the professional care in the preparation and the cozy atmosphere are the typical features of our restaurant. To make it easier for you to choose, and to introduce you to the secrets of indian cuisine, we have put together various Thalis (menus) for you. They reflect the differences between the four main Indian regions. Of course, there is also a rich selection of fine wines, which we can recommend to you, as well as our indian non-alcoholic drinks.


We are looking forward to your visit with us!


Your R. Pal Singh Dosanjh & the House Of India team


R. Pal Singh Dosanjh

R. Pal Singh Dosnajk was born in Sansa Pur in 1958, India. After a career as a hockey professional, among others in the indian and german national team, he committed himself entirely to gastronomy in 1987.

The secret of indian cuisine

The secret lies not only in the large selection of spices, but above all in carefully coordinating them and treating them during cooking so that their aroma is fully developed. Only a pan on an open fire or a tandoor is used as a cooking device. The tandoor is the all-purpose oven for the Indians. This universal device is mostly jug-shaped and has a cavity lined with fired clay, on the bottom of which firewood is ignited. You can place a pan or a pot on top of it.


The tandoor can also be used as an oven. The plate-shaped Naan are glued to the outer walls heated by the embers and baked there, which takes only a few minutes. Naan are not only an addition to the "curries", they also replace cutlery. The Indian takes up his food with bits of naan and spoons the sauce with it.


The etiquette prohibits eating with the left hand. This is responsible for “dirty work”. An unforgivable faux pas is therefore to use your left hand while eating or shaking hands.


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